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Herbal Nursery

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Written by Admin Sunday, 02 May 2010 12:10


alt Indian Medicinal /Aromatic plantsavailable at Our Herbal Nursery. 

1.Jatropha (plants and seeds).

2.Anatto(plants and seeds)

3.Safed Musli

4.Sarpgandha (plants and seeds)



7.Asgandh (seeds)


9.Kalihari(plants and seeds)

10.Chironji (plants)

11.Lemon grass (ALL VARIETIES) 

And many more herbs.


altNote - Plants will be available on advanced booking only.alt  







Wow!!! Start 6 To 7 Kg. Black Paper  From each Plant.    
Annatto Farms- Wow!!! New Annatto Variety "Bixa Orellana" - MDA 14 Start Just after 18 months of 50 years .   
Safed Musli (MDB-14) Wow!!! New Safed Musli Variety (MDB-14) high yielding disease free. Giving Wonderful Results from 14 years.